About Me

Anastázia Huštáková pursues one of the most intricate and ancient painting techniques. Silk painting originated in ancient China but eventually spread all over the world. Anastázia initially used the expressive potential of this fascinating medium to conjure up attractive fashion accessories. She designs and produces hand-painted scarves, skirts and dresses conceived as works of art in their own right. Since 2014 she has been applying her skills to wall-mounted paintings as well.

Her Œuvre showcases patterns and attributes typical for central Europe. First of all flora (trees, flowers, landscapes, the cycle of seasons) and fauna (mostly birds), occasionally espousing a naïve sensibility. Shapes are mostly delimited by contour lines, although she sometimes lets colours bleed into each other, introducing a touch of serendipity. The chromatic orchestra is conducted alla prima which calls for a steady hand.

The artist has held several successful solo exhibitions in Slovakia and in Austria. The works on display received favourable reactions.


Anastazia has recently started organizing fashion shows featuring her accessories. A dazzling array of works is presented by professional models in a lively succession, accompanied by musicians or a DJ. A workshop or personal discussion with the artist can also be arranged.

The show can be organized as a stand-alone event or it may serve as a relaxing diversion at bigger cultural or corporate events, conferences, festivals etc. It is especially well suited to exclusive surroundings such as castles, chateaus, historic parks and gardens.